Para Transit

Riding Belvidere/Rockford Para Transit is equivalent to riding RMTD’s fixed route system. There is a scheduled arrival time and you must be ready when the vehicle arrives. The driver can wait only 5 minutes for you to board. You and your companion should meet the vehicle. Our service is an origin to destination service. If you need assistance boarding or alighting, please let the dispatcher know at the time your ride is scheduled.

Para Transit Fee - $3.00 one way trip:  The driver is required to collect a fare of $3.00 from you and your companion prior to your departure. Please have exact change ready. Drivers Do Not carry change. Personal assistants are allowed to ride free of charge if indicated on your Rockford ParaTransit application.

Who Can Ride?

Certified Para Transit Riders are those who, because of a disability, are unable to:

  •     Board, ride or disembark from an accessible bus.
  •   Use the system due to visual or mental impairments.
  • Other considerations are:

                    - Age, distance to stop, or illiteracy  are not considered disabilities

                    - People who are blind and visually impaired may be eligible if they cannot use RMTD’s  

                      regular fixed route system.

                    - People with medical conditions such as epilepsy, kidney disorders, or diabetes may be

                      eligible depending on their ability to use RMTD’s regular fixed route systems.

How To Get Certified

  • Complete a Para Transit application at Rockford Para Transit office at
    • 520 Mulberry Street, Rockford               or 
    • Keen Age Center at 2141 Henry Luckow Lane, Belvidere.
  • Applicants will be reviewed within 21 days of receipt. Once reviewed, Rockford Para Transit will notify applicant in writing the determination of eligibility.
  • Temporary Para Transit:
    •   Any person can apply for and be granted temporary Para Transit eligibility, if they meet the full Para Transit eligibility criteria as listed above and are determined temporary Para Transit Eligible by Rockford Para Transit.

Para Transit Reservations

Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm

Call 815-975-9059 Voice & TTY

After hours: 1-779-552-7241.
(Use your TTY or dial 711 on your telephone, and you will automatically be connected to a TRS operator.)


Para Transit Program

No Paratransit service is provided on the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

4th of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day