​​LiHeap - Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program
We can help qualifying Boone County seniors, 60 years of age or older.
To qualify your monthly income must be less than:

$1,561 for 1 person household
$2,114 for 2 people household
$2,666 for 3 people household

You will need to bring the following documents for your appointment:
* Social Security cards for everyone in your household
* Photo I.D. Example: Driver’s license or state I.D. (for everyone)
* Proof of monthly income (Bank account statement or pay stubs from wages)
* Most recent utility bills

Grandparents & Relatives Raising Children

The Boone County Council on Aging provides information and assistance specifically for Grandparents and other relatives who are raising children, grandchildren or other relatives, on a full-time basis.  While our services are focused primarily on serving the needs of older adults, this program is open to any age adult raising a grandchild or other relative in Boone County.  


Nancy Nellis

Information & Assistance Specialist

Property Tax Assessment Freeze

This program allows a qualified senior citizen to have your home’s assessed value “frozen” at a base year value to prevent increases due to inflation. This does not mean that your property taxes will not increase because other factors affect your tax bill.

To qualify you must:

Be 65
Have household income of less than $65,000
Have lived in your home for at least one year
Own the property
Have the property tax bill in your name

You must reapply every year with proof of your household’s annual income. The deadline for filing is November 1st, 2019. Please contact your I&A specialist at 815-544-9893 to schedule an appointment. 

Sue Bileto

Information & Assistance Supervisor

The Boone County Council on Aging provides assistance and information on many Federal and State Programs that benefit the elderly and those on disability.  Our professional staff provide assistance and referrals with Medicaid, Medicare and other insurance, Snap Benefits, Social Security,  tax assessment freeze, Property Tax Deferral, Benefits Access Program and energy assistance in a confidential setting.

To Receive Help:
Call 815-544-9893
Leave your name and phone # with the receptionist.  An Information & Assistance Specialist will call you to schedule an appointment.

Programs We Can Help You With

Does the State Help You With Your Medical Expenses?

Are you on Medicaid or SNAP?  Does the State of Illinois pay your Medicare Part B premiums?  We can help you navigate through these programs by getting you linked up to the ABE website.  ABE stands for Application for Benefits Eligibility.  This website allows you to upload documents, view notices mailed to you, renew your benefits on-line and much more.  If you feel you need help with the process, please call your Information and Assistance Specialist at the Boone County Council on Aging:  815-544-9893

 Benefits Access Program (formerly Circuit Breaker)

Seniors Free Transit Ride and Persons with Disabilities Free Transit Ride
Secretary of State License Plate Discount

To qualify you must:

  • Be 65 or older by Dec. 31 of the current year or be 16 or older and totally disabled.
  • Be a resident of Illinois when you file the application.
  • Have 2018 income less than:  $33,562 for a 1 person household,  $44,533 for a 2 person household and 55,500 for a 3 person household. 

One nice feature is that you only have to apply once every 2 years. If you file in 2019, you won’t need to file again until 2021  When it is time for you to refile for Benefit Access (formerly Circuit Breaker), we will send you a reminder postcard. We send postcards about 90 days before your deadline. It’s a good idea to call for an appointment as soon as you receive your postcard because it can take the State of Illinois 8-10 weeks to process your application.

 Real Estate Tax Deferral

This program is similar to a loan against your property. The State of Illinois pays your real estate taxes for you at 6% interest. When you pass away or sell the property the loan must be paid back. This is NOT a reverse mortgage. You may only “borrow” the amount due on your property taxes, up to $5,000 per year.
To qualify you must:
¨ Be 65
¨ Have household income less than $65,000
¨ Have owned the property for at least 3 years
¨ Have no delinquent property taxes
¨ Have adequate insurance against fire or casualty loss
The annual filing period for this program is January 1st through March 1st.


Our Staff: