Endowment Fund

The BCCA Endowment Fund was established in 2002 for the purpose of building a fund that will assist in providing for the long term financial needs of the Boone County Council on Aging. These needs will include the maintenance of the Keen Age Center building in to the future. It also includes a fund that the Executive Board can access when there is a shortage of financial resources to provide all of the services.

Building the Endowment Fund is a key step to insuring that the Keen Age Center facility continues to be a wonderful asset in our community by serving our older adults and their caregivers. Your gift will assure that the BCCA will continue to provide for the older adults of Boone County and their caregivers.

Members include Robert Bahling, John Crone, James Cox, Julie O'Rourke, Patrick Murphy, Jack Wolf, Dean Condell & John Maville

Mission Statement:

"To establish and foster the growth of an endowment fund that will assist in providing for the financial needs of the Boone County Council on Aging."

What is an Endowed Gift?
An endowed gift is a gift that the Endowment Fund holds in perpetuity. Typically, the gift is invested and only a portion of its annual investment return is used for the needs of the Boone County Council on Aging.

Can an Endowed Gift be Directed for a Specific Use?
YES. Donors have the opportunity to direct the use of their gift to a special need or interest. Gifts may be made in the name of another or as a memorial. Unrestricted gifts are used for highest priority needs and provide flexibility as these needs change.

How is the Endowment Fund Managed?
A committee established by the Boone County Council on Aging Board of Directors manages the Endowment Fund, with the assistance of experienced financial planners. The Board may, from time to time, place restrictions on the use of the endowment. Investment policy is set by the Board of Directors.

How Can I Make a Gift?

Outright Lifetime Gifts
Outright lifetime gifts can be made in many forms, including cash, appreciated securities, personal property, real estate, and life insurance. Outright lifetime gifts provide an immediate deduction for income tax purposes. We encourage you to discuss your tax planning situation with your accountant or attorney to determine the effect of your donation for tax purposes.

Testamentary Bequest
Testamentary bequests are often used as an estate planning tool to reduce or eliminate federal estate taxes. A bequest can easily be made by naming the Boone County Council on Aging Endowment Fund as a beneficiary of your will or trust. You may choose to designate a specific amount, a particular asset, or a portion of your estate. We encourage you to consult your personal financial advisor before making any financial committments.

Giving is, of course, much more than tax brackets and charitable deductions. Your gifts and investments provide the meaningful difference in what we do. Please know that this information is only a brief introduction to some of the many ways in which you can support the Boone County Council on Aging. Please contact the Boone County Council on Aging at 815-544-9893 and speak with our Executive Director for complete details. Thank you!

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