Mission Statement
The Boone County Council on Aging is dedicated to all older adults and their caregivers by reaching out with programs to help enrich and improve their quality of life.
The goal of our comprehensive service planning is to assist individuals to enable them to live independently, as long as appropriate, with emphasis on meeting the needs of frail, vulnerable older persons.
To that end, we offer a wide variety of services and programs, including public transportation, medical car escort, nutrition programs, outreach, in-home care, computer lab, information and assistance, education, recreation, and volunteer opportunities.         

Meet Our Excellent Staff
Joe Fortmann =  Executive Director
Rachel Vinciguerra -  Bookkeeper
Melaney Dembicky  - Transportation Supervisor
Janet Morgan -  Information & Assistance Supervisor
Sue Bileto -  Information & Assistance Specialist

Felicia Marquez - Information & Assistance Specialist
Cindy Mathison  - CCP Supervisor
Nancy Jo Nellis -  Information & Assistance Specialist

Dawn Stuhr - Administrative Assist.
Deanna Stolzman -  Program/Volunteer Coordinator
June Doty -   Project Manager

Maggie Becerra - Latino Outreach Program Coordinator
Kathleen Harris - Dispatcher
Shirley Tackett - Dispatcher/Med Car Driver
Joyce Hanson -  Receptionist

Connie Carlson - Receptionist

Terry Stevens - Maintenance

​Joyce Creighton - Activities Assistant

Congratulation Susan Bileto on your promotion to Information and Assistance Supervisor.  We are very pleased and thankful for your continued excellence in service!


Board of Directors
The Boone County Council on Aging is overseen by a 12 member Board of Directors.
Terms are 3 years each. Members may serve a maximum uninterrupted period of three terms. Three members are appointed by the City of Belvidere , Belvidere Township and the Boone County Board respectively, the remaining 9 are appointed volunteers from the Community. Interested individuals are required to submit a resume and request for consideration as a member of the board, and are appointed by vote by the current members of the board.

Darrel Davis  -  President
Jeff Gerlach -   Vice President
Dean Condell -  Member at Large
James Cox - Treasurer,   Member at Large
Denny Ellingson -  County Appointed
Wendy Frank -  City Appointed

Maria Gonzalez - Member at Large
Kathy Grover -  Township Appointed

Patricia McCoy - Member at Large
Barbara Wych - Secretary
Elaine Sharpe -  NIAAA Representative
Andy Racz -  Member at Large
In addition, the BCCA has appointed Dean Condell and Elaine Sharpe, as their representative members to the Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging (NIAAA) Board.


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